A few tips before getting started

Route info

  • The cycle routes allows you to complete a circuit of the LHC at ground level, by passing from one platform to the next. The whole circuit is 54 km long.
  • The distances between two stages are an average of 4 km or about 30 minutes (each way).
  • The signs along the route only indicate the outward journey (clockwise direction).
  • The times indicated on the map are for a one-way trip only.
  • The platforms are freely accessible to the public.
  • Some sections of the route follow busy roads, be careful!


  • Mountain bikes are the most appropriate kind of bike for this route, because some parts of the trail are gravelly or can be muddy.
  • Get your Passport to the Big Bang, a booklet with information, a map and riddles to solve at each stage!
  • Remember to bring a valid identity document as the route crosses the Franco-Swiss border.


Platforms may be unavailable due to maintenance. Check the Maintenance page before you set off.

Minimum age

The content of the information boards is aimed at everyone aged 8 and up, but minors should be accompanied by adults. Be especially vigilant during difficult sections of the route!

Bike rental

Éco-corner Meyrinroule
1 Avenue de Vaudagne, Meyrin
Open 7 days a week, all year

Public transport

All the stages except for the Acceleration stage can be reached by public transport. To plan your itinerary, visit www.tpg.ch


Follow the Passport to the Big Bang signs! They are different depending on whether you are in France or Switzerland.

Balisage eg balisage
Swiss signs French signs