Destination: the Universe, immediate departure

Inauguration of Passport to the Big Bang (Image: CERN)

How would you like to take a tour of an accelerator? The Passport to the Big Bang is an interactive circuit through which you can explore the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC is the world's largest particle accelerator. Its 27 km ring is buried 100 metres below the French and Geneva countryside.

What is the Passport to the Big Bang?

  • Ten exhibition platforms located above ten key LHC points
  • Riddles to solve with your family
  • The LHC Mission challenge
  • A cycle route

No reservation is necessary, and the platforms are freely accessible to the public all year round. So get on your bike and start the mission!


All platforms are working

Please contact us to report any problem on the Mission LHC platforms.

Caution icon

Caution: in case of frost or rain, the platforms' floor can be slippery.

Be careful, there is work on the Meyrin road near the ATLAS platform.

Get your Passport

Once you have collected all the codes, click here to restart the particle accelerator.

Join the Large Hadron Collider’s treasure hunt! Click here for more information.