Some parts of the trail are a little gravelly or can be muddy after wet weather. While city bikes can be used, a mountain bike is the most appropriate kind of bike for this route.

Our partners Genèveroule (Terrassière and Montbrillant) and Meyrinroule (in Meyrin Village) will be happy to help. Of course, you can also hire a bike from any other provider.

The Passport is available free of charge, in English and French, from tourist offices and town halls in the Pays de Gex and the Canton of Geneva, the Montbrillant and Terrassière branches of Genève Roule, Meyrin Roule, Pro Vélo Genève and the CERN Reception. You can also download it here.

You will also need the Passport to the Big Bang mobile application so that you can enter your unique codes. It is available on Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

The Passport to the Big Bang trail lets you discover the LHC from above the ground and via its dedicated platforms only. If you’d like to arrange another type of visit to CERN, please fill in the request form provided by the Visits Service, which you can find here: www.cern.ch/visits

The LHC tunnel, however, is not currently open to visitors.

No, you can enjoy the Passport to the Big Bang without booking in advance. It’s open all day, every day, all year round.

Absolutely nothing, it’s completely free of charge (unless you need to hire a bike, which will be at your own expense).

Yes, but the teacher who organises the activity and accompanies the group remains responsible. CERN cannot be held liable. The minimum recommended age for the Passport to the Big Bang is 8 years.

Yes, you are not obliged to complete the whole circuit in one go. It is designed so that cyclists can go from one stage to the next at their own pace. In addition, the stages don’t have to be completed in any particular order. The puzzles included in the booklet are independent of one another.

You should allow around 30 minutes to travel between platforms, which are spaced roughly 4 kilometres apart. You can travel the route at your or your group’s own pace and according to the weather conditions.

The platforms feature telescopes, some with videos, as well as boards providing information about the theme of the stage (e.g. cryogenics) and interactive stands, which will give you your unique codes. CERN’s buildings, however, are not open to the public except as part of a guided tour.

Not as part of the Passport to the Big Bang, but you can visit certain parts of the Laboratory in a guided tour, by reservation.

All the platforms except for the Acceleration stage in Échenevex are located near TPG bus stops, but they are not all on the same bus line. They are all accessible by car too.

You can also walk the trail, but, given the length of the route, we recommend that you complete it in sections. Note that the route crosses some busy roads, so please be careful.

The route as a whole is not especially taxing. However, it does cross busy roads and some of the paths can be gravelly or muddy. You should judge for yourself if you feel comfortable doing it.

The route crosses the French-Swiss border several times. If you plan to follow a part of the route that crosses the border, please remember to take the necessary identity documents with you. 

Each platform is located next to a car park or a space big enough to park a car.

The Passport to the Big Bang is an opportunity to learn about CERN independently: there are no guides at the platforms and it’s not possible to book one. To arrange a guided tour of CERN, please go to www.cern.ch/visits.

The ATLAS platform in Meyrin is located in front of the CERN Reception. The water and toilet facilities there are freely accessible during its usual opening hours.

Aside from that, there are no drinking fountains in the immediate vicinity of the platforms, so remember to bring your own bottle of water.

Picnic areas or parks can be found near or on the way to the ATLAS, CCC, Neutrinos, CMS and Acceleration stages. The other stages do not have picnic areas nearby.

Yes, all the platforms except for the Acceleration stage in Échenevex are located near TPG bus stops, but they are not all on the same bus line.

The content of the information boards is aimed at everyone of age 8 and upwards. The cycle route may be suitable for younger children.

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