The 10 stages



ATLAS Stage, Meyrin, CH

ATLAS, the colossus of physics

What is our Universe really made of? What is dark matter? Do hidden dimensions exist? These are some of the questions which the physicists at ATLAS hope to answer with their enormous underground experiment.

Note: ATLAS stage will be inaccessible from April 2017 until August 2018 due to roadworks in front of the Cern Reception. The platform will be set up again in a new location once the works are completed. 

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The activation code for Mission LHC is: 7536


Environnment Stage, Versonnex, FR

10 questions about the LHC

A unique machine like the LHC inspires lots of questions. Separate the truth from all the rumours.


CCC Stage, Prévessin-Moëns, FR

At the controls of the accelerators

In the CERN Control Centre, 24 hours a day operators work in shifts to control a network of particle accelerators like no other in the world.


Neutrinos Stage, Prevessin-Moëns, FR

The journey of the phantom particles

The physicists working on the CNGS experiment have managed to improve their understanding of the elusive and mysterious neutrinos. How? By shooting them off on a super-fast journey through the Alps.


ALICE Stage, Sergy / St-Genis-Pouilly, FR

In ALICE’s Wonderland

Going underground and finding yourself at the very start of the history of our Universe... A dream? No. The daily life of physicists at the ALICE experiment.


Acceleration Stage, Echenevex, FR

When energy creates matter

What passes under your feet over 11,000 times per second? The particles in the LHC!


CMS Stage, Cessy, FR

CMS: the heavyweight of physics

CMS: does it stand for Concentration of a Mass of Science? No, but it could do, as this experiment is looking for the Higgs boson, the particle which gives particles their mass.


Cryogenics Stage, Ornex, FR

Cryogenics: the ice genie

Another amazing fact about the LHC? It's also the biggest and most powerful freezer in the world.


LHCb Stage, Ferney-Voltaire, FR

The explorers of antimatter

Something unsuspected about physicists: they are obsessed with beauty. To explain more about the enigmas of antimatter, they are hunting for what we call beauty particles.


Precision Stage, Meyrin, CH

Scientific giants, devilish precision

The huge research instruments at CERN need to achieve outstanding precision and also need experts who measure up to them.

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